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The Pilates Lab was founded in 2013 with it’s true roots going far deeper, aligned with strong influences from Ron Fletcher, Polestar as well as the Australian Pilates Method. Mayne created this platform from her passion of movement induced by classical and contemporary dance as well as fusion of human body arts. Having spent a couple of years in Australia, she understands the need for one to be empowered with a strong physic for optimum health required for daily activities. She aims to draw the benefits of Pilates methodology to strengthen your mind and body, and to encourage individuals to share the love of Pilates to their families and friends.

Our Trainers


I had a fall during Pole practice and upon recovery, my physio said i can do Pilates. My shoulder is feeling much better now. I am very happy with the instant result. Thanks!


– Stella Donato

Tried pilates for the first time and love it! Mayne is helpful and motivating! She is constantly reminding me about keeping form.


– Stella Kang

I enjoyed the class very much although there are some moves i can’t achieve. Thank you


– YQ, NUS Student

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