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Slide Mayne has been a good friend to Scoliosis for the past 20 years, and Whiplash for 14 years. a In search for rehabilitative work, Pilates movement methodology has effectively given her, the team and her clients a new lease of life. As a practitioner, Pilates improved strengthening her core muscles and increased her understanding in body movements.

Mayne's passion is to share the method by Joseph Pilates which encourages individuals to understand how the muscle group works together to protect the spine while maintaining a good posture, as well as attaining balance and control during our day to day work life. This is my 11th year in Pilates.
Mayne Wong
Slide Peter is a freelance Pilates trainer. Peter does “house calls” all over Singapore. His clients are mostly trained in their homes or in the condo function rooms. Some times, when required, in Fitness Gyms, Corporate Offices, Pilates Studios, Schools, Community Centres and HDB void decks.

My journey to become a Pilates Coach was a painful one. I was a Kung Fu Martial Arts trainee/instructor; After 15 years of kicking, twisting the hips and snapping the leg full force, my lower back spinal disc herniated. Pilates was my very last resort to heal myself. Amazingly after 5 years of training, I was pain-free.Thus, I became a full part-time instructor.
Peter Yuen
Slide Ling Feng is an active Pilates Trainer, currently teaching mainly in Corporate Offices, Community Clubs and Fitness Clubs. He also loves to embark on taking courses related to functional training and rehabilitation training programs

I wanted to be a Pilates Teacher because from my first contact with Pilates, it all started from a back problem. I realized that Pilates is not just an exercise, but a "set of protocol' that must be applied into our lives for a better functional body. A seemingly easy movement when applied to an uninitiated body becomes a challenge to achieve. I like that challenge!
Ling Feng
Slide En en is certified in Classical Pilates. She is keen to share her experience and knowledge to allow participants to acquire mind, body awareness and to improve their physical and mental well being in a fun and interactive session. She also seeks to continuously improve her skills by attending regular workshops from renowned Pilates Guru such as Alan Herdman and Deborah Lessen.

Naturally inflexible, En en understands every body is different and look forward to work with individual or group to explore and discover what their body can achieved with Pilates. Look forward to see you soon.
En En
Slide Lena chanced upon a Pilates class in one of the local gym, she and immediately fell in love with how it helped to relieve her lower back pain as well rehabilitating my chronic ankle problems and has been passionate about Pilates ever since.

Lena is now certified by The Ron Fletcher Program Of Studies as a certified Pilates instructor and enjoys sharing her knowledge by working with varying clientele to improve their strength, flexibility, mobility and posture, control their own bodies for a better overall quality of life.